Cockroaches are also known as roaches.

They are some of the most adaptable creatures on earth; they know how to find food and even survive in hostile environments.

The word cockroach itself brings out fear in many, let alone seeing them around. Some perceive them as “disgusting”

while for others they are stinking pest that are not welcomed at home. But, there is more to just being a pest, cockroaches are beneficial to the ecosystem as they play a vital role of decaying the organic matter. Let’s explore fun facts about cockroaches.

The following are the facts about cockroaches:

  1. Tropical cockroaches are larger than the ones found in other climates.

  2. Cockroaches don’t need to worry about vitamins from food, because they carry bacteria that produce vitamins for them.

  3. Cockroaches use tactile communication and chemical to communicate with each other.

  4. Cockroaches move in a direction that tries to take them away from wind or air.

  5. Cockroaches are excellent climbers.

  6. Cockroaches like to be touched, probably on all sides, and hence squeeze into spaces that give them a tight fit.

  7. Cockroaches don’t have blood pressure.

  8. The value of fried cockroach has increased in china from 2010 to 2013. They are used to provide protein

    and cellulose for cosmetics.

  9. Cockroach can detect changes in barometric pressure, and they can know when a severe rainstorm is forthcoming.

  10. Cockroaches cannot move backwards.

  11. Did you know that even cockroaches fart? They fart around 35gm of methane a year which is 43 times heavier than themselves.

  12. Studies have shown that cockroaches have been linked to triggering asthma as well as other allergies.

  13. Cockroaches can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps! Yep, just like rats and mice, cockroaches can squeeze through the smallest of cracks.

  14. A cockroach can live about two weeks without water.

  15. Some female cockroaches only mate once and stay pregnant for life.

  16. Cockroaches do not have to mate every breeding season. The females can store the sperm, using it for the next few seasons and only when food is plentiful. In cockroach species with short lifespans, the females can even store enough sperm to last them a lifetime.

  17. Some female cockroaches are even capable of reproducing in severe conditions when there is no male to be found.

  18. A cockroach can live for up to one week without its head.       


  Cockroaches can survive even when they are headless, for about a week. This is not because they don’t have brains. They do. But their brains do not control all of their functions. Rather, the organs that control the vital functions can be found in the thorax or the middle part of the cockroach. Therefore, a cockroach can lose its head and still survive. It won’t be able to drink, though, so it eventually dies of thirst.

20. Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.

21. Cockroaches can run up to 3 miles an hour.

22. Cockroaches incubate their eggs in sacs or capsules called oothecae.


Mama cockroach protects her eggs by enveloping them in a thick protective case, called an ootheca.

23. Cockroaches live in groups.

24. Cockroaches are edible

In China, cockroaches are deep fried and sold on sticks on the streets. There are also many indigenous tribes that eat cockroaches, live or cooked. So long as the cockroaches are on a diet of food and vegetables, they should be safe to eat, although doctors still warn against the practice.

In Nigeria, some individuals also eat cocroaches as a treat or delicacy

25. Some cockroaches are kept as pets.



1. Cockroaches have open circulatory system.

2. Cockroaches don’t have vein and arteries like humans.

3. Cockroaches have blood flowing freely inside their body.


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Marian Onwude Agbugui
on June 29, 2017


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