Source: PilgrimAfrica, 2016







Insecticide Treated nets (ITNs) are a low cost and

 highly effective way of reducing the incidence of Malaria
 in people who sleep under them, and they have been

conclusively shown in a series of trials to substantially
 reduce child mortality in malaria-endemic areas
Oxborough et al., 2015). 


    By, preventing malaria, ITNs reduce the need for treatment and the pressure on health services, which is particularly important in view of the increase in drug resistant falciparum malaria parasites (Viana et al., 2016).


Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS)

IRS remains the most widely used malaria vector control method (Bradley et al., 2016.    

 Its application has been thoroughly standardized and there are clear specifications for suitable equipment                                                                

and insecticides (Protopopoff et al., 2015).

As the main effect of IRS is the killing of mosquitoes entering houses and resting on sprayed surfaces (Bradley et al., 2016). 

 It is not useful for the control of vectors which tend to rest outdoors, although it may be effective against outdoor biting mosquitoes which enter houses for resting after feeding (Protopopoff et al., 2015)     

Environmental Sanitation

Avoid pools of stagnant water, they are good breeding sites for mosquitoes

Abandoned tires with water locking in them are no exceptions
 Source: PilgrimAfrica, 2016











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