What You Need To Know About Mosquitoes And Malaria




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What you need to know about mosquitoES and malaria


Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites of the species Plasmodium,
which is transmitted to people through the bites of infected female
Anopheles mosquitoes (Agnandji et al., 2015).
In 2015, 95 countries and territories had ongoing malaria transmission with more
than 3.2 billion people – almost half of the world’s population – are at risk of this
disease (Agnandji et al., 2015; Gosling and von Seidlein, 2016).


Malaria has remained a major public health problem in Nigeria.

  1.        Estimated 100 million malaria cases and about
  2. 300,000 deaths each year
  3. make Nigeria the country with the highest   
  4. number of malaria casualties worldwide.
  5.        It accounts for over 60% outpatient visits and
  6. 30% hospital admissions in Nigeria.



The disease has impacted negatively on the economy

with about 132 Billion Naira lost to the disease as cost of

treatment and loss in man-hours (PilgrimAfrica, 2016).









Ozemokha Habibat

Otarigho Benson

Agbugui Marian


Posted by:
Marian Onwude Agbugui
on October 24, 2016


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Nice information. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the Information thi?t k? bi?t th? nhà v??n

thank you, i like sir thiet ke nha dep

Thanks for the Information. Ban muon mua Mau rem cua so dep gia re de lam dep khong gian noi that gia dinh ban

Beautifully delivered. Thank you.

Such masterpiece coming from our young university. Perfect education for the people...I wonder if the Department could further this information by testing for several natural plants which can have mosquito repelling efficacies...Such could proffer cost-effective, readily available methods to minimize the activities of mosquitoes and, hence, malaria spread around the local community.....

I commend the poster, but i disagree with the statistics that 90% of malaria deaths are from Africa. Most of these statistics are deliberately manufactured to portray Africa as a disease continent and this kind of sterotype against Africa is what CNN, BBC and other foreign media are still doing till today. If you are not from Africa will you visit it for tourism or investment if you read or heard that the continent is full of diseases? There is malaria everywhere in the world. Most of the world bank, IMF and other agencies theories and statistics are not always correct; they can be rejected and challenged with more accurate ones. 90% of malaria deaths are from south America, Asia and Europe, but they will never want you to know it.

The figure in this post is correct since researches have validated them, though it may change due to efficient control methods put in place, human behavior and other factors including biotic and abiotic. You can have a look on how these figures were obtai

Great post coming from the department of biological Science. Malaria comes with huge economic cost. The evidence is alarming! Government should act very fast. If it affects man hour put into productive activity, then preventing malaria is a public policy issue and funds should be allocated for mitigation. Every one should also be concerned. Inaction is dangerous.

An Awesome post, wonderful article in just few text and images. I will also want to add the following: For us to fight this Monster(Malaria) we need the following: 1) Timely Diagnosis: This will ensure that the situation is properly handle before hand. 2) Proper Treatment: The public should be educated to always go for Artemisinin-based combination therapies, which is capable of eliminating the bacteria. 3) Use of Mosquito nets: Long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets (LLINs) prevent malaria by creating a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night Finally the World Governments should please fund the production of a Vaccine that will finally eradicate the malaria problem.

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