Steps to Using the New Edo University google mail



Steps to Using the New Edo University google mail


  1. go to, enter your Edo University email that was set to you via SMS as shown on the image below. And click NEXT.


2) Enter the unique password you received in the same SMS and click NEXT as shown below


3) If your credentials are correct it will take you to the next stage where you can read a brief description of your account details as shown in the image below. Click ACCEPT to proceed.


4) For Security reasons, you will be forced to change your email password. Please endeavour to enter a password that comprises of numbers, letters and special characters or at least use a strong password that you can always remember. NOTE your password must be at least 8 digits. Click CHANGE PASSWORD when you are done as show in the image blelow.


5) For enquiries call ICT office on 08065528915, 09025412171, 07012641913.