Books from Department Of Chemical Engineering

Mass Transfer I is a book designed by the to introduce Chemical Engineering Students to Mass Transfer Operations in the Chemical Engineering and Allied Industries which majorly involves separation of mixtures.
Basics such as Fundamentals of Mass Transfer Operations, Criteria for Choice of Specific Mass Transfer Operations, Methods of Conducting Mass Transfer Operations and Design Factors for Mass Transfer Equipment were discussed in Chapter One. Details of Molecular Diffusion in Fluids, Field Equation for Unsteady Mass Transfer Coefficients were also…
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This book titled “Process Instrumentation, Dynamics and Control for Chemical Engineers” is a compendium of measurements in engineering practice with specific applications to Chemical Engineering. The Chapters are so designed by the authors that each Chapter deals extensively with particular aspects of measurement, method and device used.
The book is divided into ten chapters. The first chapter deals with performance characteristics of measurement systems with focus on statics and dynamic characteristics; Chapter two deals with pressure measurement methods; Chapter three…
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