Dr Oladeinde Bankole Henry and A. A. Onifade, B.H. Olaseinde and T. Mokowgu   (Published 2012)

Dr Bankole Henry
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1. Introduction
Since discovery of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and subsequent isolation
of the virus (HIV) more than 30 million have been infected [1]. Sub-Saharan Africa was
affected most with HIV infection with estimated 2/3rd of the World’s HIV infected people.
Nigeria is the largest populated country in Africa and it was estimated that about 3 million
of the population is infected with human immunodeficiency virus [2]. Thus Nigeria is the
second largest country after South Africa with largest HIV infected population in the World
[1]. Nigerians like any other people in Africa are favourable to the use of herbal remedies for
major illnesses, thus, that HIV infection has no cure medically serves as a catalyst to source
for cure in herbal remedies [3].

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