Department Of Chemical Engineering Conference Presentations


The word ‘risk’ is a commonly used word and indeed applies to all walks of life. Even simple everyday activities involve some element of risk arising from the existence of diverse conditions with the potential to cause harm and/or disaster and depending on one’s perception of the likelihood and severity of the recognized dangers, appropriate measures are taken to forestall any unpleasant event from occuring. The process of identifying potential dangers, evaluating them in terms of likelihood and severity…
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Affordable access to quality health technology and services rely on affordable reliable access to information on modern best practices and use of modern technology to enhance healthcare delivery. E-learning serves is a viable tool for providing quality competence based education in the areas of medicine and other health related disciplines. There cannot be sound, affordable and reliable healthcare practices and systems if there are not competent and well trained medical and health practitioners with up-to-date grasp of modern medical…
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Slug translational velocity, described as the superimposition of the maximum mixture velocity in the
slug body and that of the drift velocity, is a critical parameter for two-phase pipe flow. Accurately
determining it is important for the energy-efficient design of oil and gas pipelines. A survey of the
literature revealed that existing prediction models of this parameter were developed based on observation
from low viscosity liquids (of 1 Pa.s or less). However, its behaviour in pipes transporting higher viscosity
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Producing sand during oil and gas production is unavoidable. Sand is produced along with oil and gas
and its deposition in pipelines is a significant risk as it can cause pipe corrosion and flow assurance
difficulties. It is therefore key that flow conditions are sustained to guarantee lack of deposition of sand
particles. The minimum combination of mixture velocities that guarantee continuous sand motion is
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Previous research work has shown that sand production with hydrocarbons has helped to increase the
productivity of oil wells. However, this poses difficulties during shut down and start-up operations due
to sand deposition and are aggravated when the pipelines are undulating. The hilly-terrain geometry of
pipelines strongly affects multiphase flow regimes hence the need to study sand transport characteristics
as it is vital in efficient pipeline design. The aim of this research work is to experimentally investigate the
flow hydrodynamics…
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