Department Of English and Mass Communication Conference Presentations

Mass communication, as a discipline has over the years gone through series of
impressive and dynamic metamorphoses triggered by the advancement in technology,
depth and dimensions of communication research as well as societal’ endorsement of
the desirability and inevitability of the field of study.
Experts argue that the concept of Mass Communication first appeared during the
1930s to explain the essence of the dominant issues of public communication. Hardt
(1979) and Rosengren (2000) reasoned that although newspaper press already had…
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We need to take a look at some key concepts in this topic. These are rudiments,
content analysis, research publication and projects supervision.
1.1.1 Rudiments. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(2000,p.
1239) defines rudiments as “the most basic parts of a subject, which you
must first learn.” Webster’s Universal Dictionary and
Thesaurus(2007,e.411) looked at rudiment as “a first stage, a first slight of
beginning something”
Since rudiments have to do with elements and basic principles, this
discourage will not address…
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From earliest times, the concept of Town Hall (whether as an edifice or just an open
space) had been active in Africa. It was the practice to gather the people of the
community together to discuss salient issues or to give an announcement quite pertinent
to the members of the community.
This practice is still very much alive in contemporary African setting and it still plays a
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Narratives are as old as the existence of human beings on earth. Narrative is present in every age, in every place, [and] in every society” Every age, place or society has narrative that is distinctively hers and that defines and distinguishes it from the rest of the world. This way the narratives emanating from Africa have represented Africa in a way that is distinct from every other continent in the world. Since narrative is “a prodigious variety of…
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