Department Of Mechanical Engineering Conference Presentations

? Research Context
? Background
? Objectives
    • Methodology
    • Experimental Details
? Taguchi analysis
    • Results and Discussions
      - Specific energy coefficients
      - Specific energy data and literature
      - Specific energy models
      - Specific energy and size effect
    • Conclusions
    • References

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• Research Context
• Research Aim
• Objectives
• Introduction
• Background
• Methodology
• Results
• Conclusions

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• Globally, manufacturing account for about 37% of the world total electrical energy demand generated in 2006 [1].

• Electrical energy demand is attributable to electricity generated from the use of fossil fuels which constitute and contributed to the world total CO2[2].

• Energy use and energy resources significantly influence the environmental impacts.

• In the course of converting coal to electricity, gases such as CO2, SO2, NO2, etc, are emitted.

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