Department Of Mechanical Engineering Conference Presentations

? Research Context
? Background
? Objectives
    • Methodology
    • Experimental Details
? Taguchi analysis
    • Results and Discussions
      - Specific energy coefficients
      - Specific energy data and literature
      - Specific energy models
      - Specific energy and size effect
    • Conclusions
    • References

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• Research Context
• Research Aim
• Objectives
• Introduction
• Background
• Methodology
• Results
• Conclusions

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• Globally, manufacturing account for about 37% of the world total electrical energy demand generated in 2006 [1].

• Electrical energy demand is attributable to electricity generated from the use of fossil fuels which constitute and contributed to the world total CO2[2].

• Energy use and energy resources significantly influence the environmental impacts.

• In the course of converting coal to electricity, gases such as CO2, SO2, NO2, etc, are emitted.

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Enormous hype surrounds 3D printing, with the predictions that it will spur a manufacturing rebirth in Nigeria and the World. The sole aim of Additive Manufacturing (AM) is to empower everyone to run their own cottage manufacturing facility. There are many areas where 3D printing is creating significant change, particularly in designing and prototyping of new products, in the arts, and in visualizing abstract concepts, etc. This change stemmed from conventional manufacturing processes to rapid prototyping and layer manufacturing. This…
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