Dr Ugwuja Alex Amachi and KELECHI CHIKA UBAKU   (Published 2016)

Dr Alex Amachi
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 The fear that the Igbo language is facing a threat of extinction is not unfounded. The indicators are indubitable that if the status quo remains as it is, the Igbo language may not survive the next fifty years. Whilst majority of the Igbo people are unruffled and remain placid about this trend, a sizeable number of people have begun to champion the crusade geared towards a reversal of this ugly trend. The comatose state of the Igbo language has a plethora of implications, especially, for the Igbo historian as indeed; the bulk of a people’s history is decoded through their language. In this way, the task of restoring the Igbo language to a state of ‘Eldorado’ is not only a task for the linguist but indeed all stake-holders. However, to understand a problem, the causes of the problem must be rigorously identified. On this premise, therefore, this study attempts an appraisal of contemporary Pentecostal churches as facilitators of the degeneration of the Igbo language. Adopting historical methodology approach of data analysis, information deemed imperative for the subject under discussion were drawn from relevant primary and secondary sources. Findings in the study, however, revealed that there are several systems and methods through which the Igbo language is shunned and imperiled by these organizations. The study is concluded by suggestions on how to reinforce the crusade against the threat of extinction which stares the Igbo language in the face.

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Keywords: Dwindling, Igbo, language, Pentecostalism
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