Department Of Computer Engineering Courseware

Week 1: Learning Pseudo-code as a programming design tool with sample problems and solutions
Week 2 Learning flowchart as a programming design tool with sample problems and solutions
Week 3: Introduction to MATLAB environment/Test 1
Week 4: Basic MATLAB commands
Week 5-6 Plotting graphs in MATLAB/Test 2
Week 7-8: Introduction to MATLAB programming language
Week 9: Programming examples/tutorials/Test 3
Week 10: introduction to Simulink.
Week 11: Final Test/Collation Continuous assessment scores
Week 12 Revision

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Learning Outcomes: The underlying objectives of the Communication Principles course taught at the EUI are as follows: At the end of this course, the students should be able:
1.) To identify and describe appropriately the basis of communication in engineering.
2.) To define modulation and differentiate between Analogue and Digital Modulation (AM and FM) in communication engineering.
3.) To calculate modulation index, transmitted power and efficiency of modulated signals.
4.) To differentiate between FDM and TDM.
5.) To identify transmission…
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 General Overview of Lecture: The course gives an insight into the theory and operation of the fundamental building blocks of digital electronics with prominence on transistor-transistor logic (TTL) and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuit logic families. In order to further understand vividly, the theory behind the course its introduces distinct different between analog and digital system, digital circuits and system, number system and codes, Boolean algebra the basic mathematical tool required to synthesize and analyze a vital class…
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