Dr Imoisi Simon Ejokema and Dr. Simon Abifarin Olufemi, Hauwa Abiri   (Published 2018)

Dr Simon Ejokema
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This course discusses the primary sources of law i.e. statutory materials and judicial materials, the secondary sources of law i.e. books, pamphlets, letters, speeches, interviews, periodicals and newspapers, foreign materials. It also introduces students to the use of source materials i.e. the law library and legal research, indexing and identification of library materials, how to brief a case, judicial precedents and obiter dictum in Nigerian case law legislation. Students are also exposed to legal writing methods and approaches in essay writing as well as research methods. Other areas in the course include preliminary procedure in legal research, law reports, law journals and law review

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Keywords: Cases, Judicial precedents, legislation
Department: Public and International Law
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