Mr Ogunlade Aderinto Alade and Mr. N.E Chukwuyem   (Published 2019)

Mr Aderinto Alade
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General overview of lecture: This course is in two aspects: theory and practice. The first aspect
introduces the students to the specialization of medical-surgical nursing by building on the
knowledge gained from the foundation of nursing science. As an introductory course, it
introduces the students to terminologies of medical-surgical nursing, basic concepts, such as
adaptation, holistic approach to nursing care, homeostasis, immunology and psycho-physiologic
response to illness and nursing intervention, transcultural nursing, evidenced based nursing and
implication for nursing practice; body defence mechanism; basic diagnostic measures in
medical-surgical nursing and implication for nursing practice; concept and philosophy of
rehabilitation. It also covers the use of nursing process as a framework for nursing practice,
history and physical assessment of patients, fluid and electrolyte balance investigation and care
of patients undergoing surgery.
The second aspect entails both the laboratory and clinical practice in medical-surgical nursing
practicum that includes; care of the patients with respiratory disorder, reproductive system
disorder and surgical patients as well as care of the patients with emergencies, before and after
operation, also caring for patients with disorders of the cardiovascular system.

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