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Week 1: General Principles: Introduction and History of Physiology. Structure and function of cell membranes with emphasis on transport across cell membrane
Week 2. Cardiovascular and Respiratory: Biophysical principles. Osmosis, diffusion, active transport. Homeostasis and control systems. Blood and Body Fluids: Fluids of blood cellular components, blood groups, haemoglobin and haemopoiesis. Body fluids and electrolytes: their measurement and regulation.
Week 3: Cardiovascular and Respiratory: Organisation and Structure of aorta and large arteries and arterioles – as resistance vessels, capillaries as sites of tissue fluid exchange. Heart – properties and function of cardiac muscle.
Week 4: Cardiovascular and Respiratory: Regulation of heart rate and cardiac output. Baroreceptors and control of arterial blood pressure. Regional circulation: heart, brain, haemorrhage, exercises, posture, altitude.
Week 5-6: Cardiovascular and Respiratory: The respiratory tracts: structure and function. Pulmonary gas exchange, mechanics of respiration, compliance, surfactant, lung volumes and capacities, uptake and delivery of respiratory gases with reference to 02 and C02 transport. Pulmonary function tests. Response to hypoxia, high altitude, exercises. Artificial respiration, chemical and neural control of respiration.
Week 7-8: Gastro-Intestinal and Renal Physiology and Metabolism:Gastrointestinal tract, innervation and visceral sensations of the Gut, mobility and secretions, gastrointestinal hormones, pancreatic and biliary secretions, its adaptability to absorption of carbohydrates, protein, nucleic acids, fat, water, mineral etc. liver function tests.
Week 9-10: Gastro-Intestinal and Renal Physiology and Metabolism The Nephron, Urine formation Urinalysis, Urinary Concentration, ADH and Osmolality, Acids/Base Balance, Micturition, Endocrine function of the kidney.

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