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Dr Florence Ulunma
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Students taking this course will learn to appreciate both in theory and practice, the interconnection of politics and law. They will also understand how this interconnection influences the quality of governance in Africa. The course will use a comparative approach in examining political institutions, legal systems and their evolution, citing examples from selected African Countries. Furthermore, students will from a broad socio-legal perspective, understand how politics and law from both domestic and international--?levels shape African Regional political developments.

Consequently, the main goals of the course are to use specific theories developed in research on Africa to speak to different regions of the continent (and Vice versa); to hone the skills of extracting theoretical claims from the recommended and other readings, assessing such claims, employing theory to generate hypothetical answers to research questions, and to provide students of Political Science and Public Administration with substantive knowledge about Africa. The Course also aims to unpack the continent’s political, economic and social diversity and to place individual countries in their specific macro-regional and/or micro-regional context. In effect, Africa’s many regions are discussed in inter-state, intra-state, macro and micro terms.

Students will engage in some core debates about the political, legal and developmental challenges affecting a variety of African regions and will address the continent’s political and legal diversities by examining regional, sub-­?regional and case studies. To this end, topics such as overview of the concepts of politics, law in precolonial and colonial Africa, entry and domestication of foreign laws in Africa,  governance and rule of law, the judiciary, (Are Judges “Politicians in Robes” or Not?),  dependency and underdevelopment in Africa, conflict, violence and legal processes, Quo Vadis Africa?

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