Prof Otoikhian Kevin Shegun and Aluyor E. O., Agbodekhe B.   (Published 2019)

Prof Kevin Shegun
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This paper is about the development of a Nigerian Chemical Engineering Curriculum of world class
standards to train indigenous Chemical Engineers that will be instrumental to meeting the Chemical
Engineering related needs of Nigeria. A brief history of the Nigerian Chemical Engineering
undergraduate program is presented. The present state of the Curriculum was examined and
compared with the Chemical Engineering Curricula of Universities with well-established Chemical
Engineering Programs outside Nigeria. It was observed that about seventy-five (75) required courses
are in the Nigerian Chemical Engineering Curriculum as against thirty-three (33) required courses in
the foreign Curricula. Several needs of Nigeria that require the input of Chemical Engineers such as
energy, job creation, agriculture etc. are discussed. Gaps in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum
are succinctly presented and recommendations on how these gaps can be filled, such as; provision of
options in Chemical Engineering, need for more focus on core areas, emphasis on entrepreneurship
etc. are presented with a view of meeting the needs of Nigeria. The very needs for the Chemical
Engineering Curriculum to not only be well developed but also well implemented is highlighted.

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Keywords: Curriculum, Chemical Engineering, entrepreneurship, Gaps, Needs
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