Dr Adama Kenneth Kennedy and Ikhazuangbe, P.M.O., Adama, K.K., Akintoye, G.I.   (Published 2019)

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Adsorption of Congo red dye onto activated carbon from periwinkle shell was
carried out to see if the activated carbon from Periwinkle shell will provide a good alternative
for the commercial activated carbon in the adsorption of Congo red dye from polluted water.
Periwinkle shells carbonized at 400
oC and activated with 0.1M HCl at 800oC in a furnace
was used as adsorbent to remove Congo red dye from aqueous solution. The effect of the
variables: contact time, temperature and initial Congo red concentration were studied
through single-factor classical method. The contact time range, 30 – 180min, temperature
range, 30 – 55
oC and concentration range, 25 – 150mg/L were used to study the adsorption
efficiency, kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the process . The results show that
equilibrium is established after 120 minutes and that the percentage adsorption is highest at
initial concentration of 25mg/L. Again, the adsorption kinetic followed pseudo-second order
reaction, having rate constant, (K
2) = 0.3661 g/mg.min, correlation coefficient, (R2) = 0.9999
and adsorption capacity, (A
de) = 2.3585 mg/g. The thermodynamic parameters obtained are:
free energy (
?G) =  -6.71 and -8.20 KJ/mol at 303 and 328K respectively, enthalpy (?H) =
11.52KJ/mol and entropy, (?S) = 60.04J/mol.K. The surface area of the adsorbent was
obtained as 123.42m
2/g. These results show that activated carbon from periwinkle shell is a
viable low-cost adsorbent for the removal of Congo red dye from aqueous solution.

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