Dr Ogbeide-osaretin Evelyn Nwamaka and Ishiuwu Victoria Nkiruka   (Published 2018)

Dr Evelyn Nwamaka
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One of the fundamental goals of every economy is the increase in economic growth. There has been a long-debate on the relationship between financial development and the growth of the economy. The banking sub-sector of the financial sector is an important part of the financial sector because of it linking of the deficit and surplus areas of the economy.  Electronic banking (E-banking) is now one of the most important and modern development and applications that has been witnessed in the banking sector for the last years. This study thus examined the impact of electronic banking on economic growth in Nigeria. It further determined if there exists a long-run relationship between e-banking and economic growth in Nigeria employing the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) bond testing technique. Economic growth (RGDP) was regressed on some measures of e-banking (Automated Teller machine, Mobile banking, Web banking and Point on Sales Terminal) for the period 2009 to 2014 quarterly data. The Pairwise Granger Causality test was also adopted to determine the direction of causality. The results of the study showed that e-banking had significant impact on economic growth. ATMs and MB were found to have a positive impact on economic growth while POS and WB showed a negative impact. One naira increase in the use of ATM and MB leads to 4.2489 and 19.8707 increases in RGDP respectively while one naira increase in POS and WB leads to 15.262 and 53.757 naira fall in RGDP. The result of the study further showed that there is a long-run relationship between e-banking and economic growth and that e-banking Granger causes economic growth in Nigeria. The study thus recommended the improvement of the technological base of the country and policy measures to encourage the efficient performance of the banking sector as well as a regulation and control of the banking activities.

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Keywords: E-banking, Economic Growth, Investigation, Long-run relationship
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