Prof Nwankwo Wilson and UKHUREBOR, K.E.,   (Published 2019)

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Presently, there has been several scientific debates among climate researchers and environmental engineers
regarding the main source of global warming which invariably result to climate change. The obvious argument that the
core source of global warming is not just CO2 heat retention and other greenhouse gases, but particulate pollution that
absorbs radiation, heats the troposphere and decreases the effectiveness of atmospheric-convective heat exclusion from the
surface of the earth. However, research has continued in a bid to unravel this phenomenon which is a potential cause for
alarm to the world we live in. In this review we present a concise but stimulating account on the connection between
climate change and particulate pollutions.This paper draws from works done over decades and follows an analytical
approach contrary to the position of manyclimate researchers. It is believed that this study would bring clarity to bearas to
the understanding of the general public that particulate pollution is a major source of global warming henceshould be
adequately addressed.

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