Mr Ogbikaya Stephen and Evbogbai M.J.E., Ike S.   (Published 2018)

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The analysis of the impact of integrating the power generated from Generation Company of Nigeria (GENCO), Nigeria Independent Power Project (NIPP) and the Independent Power Producers (IPP) into the existing 330kV transmission network is presented in this work. The analysis is carried out using ETAP 12.6 and MATLAB software for the existing and the proposed 330kV grid network. The result indicates that with the proposed integrated 330kV network, the power losses on each transmission lines reduced by 0.48MWwhich indicates 46% improvement on the existing 330kV transmission network and the voltage profile on each bus of the entire network improves from (0.66 – 1.13) per unit to (0.94 – 1.50) per unit. The result reveals that the integration of the proposed 330kV network, electricity supply in the national grid will be stable, reliable and adequate for sustainable development.

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Keywords: 330kV, Networks, Integrated, Power Generation, ETAP 12.6, MATLAB.
Department: Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Field of Study: Engineering- Electrical and Computer
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