Mrs Igbape Goddidit Esiro and MacDonald Idu , Joseph Erhabor   (Published 2014)

Mrs Goddidit  Esiro
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Objective: Jatropha tanjorensis Ellis & Saroja (Euphorbiaceae) is a common weed of field crops. The leaf is a commonly consumed vegetable in many parts of Southern Nigeria. The anti- anaemic, acute toxicity and proximate analysis of J. tanjorensis was investigated in rabbits.
Materials and methods: Routine methods were used in this study.
Results: The results revealed that proximate analysis of the sample showed that all the macronutrients were present with protein being the most abundant (41.65%). There was also significant decrease in Packed Cell Volume in groups B, C and D by day 3 of the experiment and subsequent increase by day 14 of the experiment after treatment with aqueous suspension of J. tanjorensis leaves. The results suggests that crude extract of J. tanjorensis improved the anaemic condition of the treated animals (Groups B, C and D) when compared with the phenyl hydrazine induced but untreated animals (Group E).
Conclusion: J. tanjorensis contains important elements which if used in recommended doses could be of immense

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Keywords: Anti-anaemic, Acute toxicity, proximate analysis, Jatropha tanjorensis, Rabbits.
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