Dr Amhenrior Henry Erialuode and Joy Omoavowere Emagbetere   (Published 2018)

Dr Henry Erialuode
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In this paper, an Application Platform (AP) and Token Generation Software for prepayment meter administration
was developed. This is a response to the need to develop a vending software and platform that can recharge a generated token
seamlessly into the meter apart from the traditional keying-in of token into meter through keypad. Also, it is motivated by the
need to reduce the cost of token generation infrastructure by having a software for token generation achieved with local
material. It is a platform that has wireless capability to recharge meter after vending as well as other meter administration by
the Electricity Distribution Companies. The system is made up of two main modules; the server and the PC. The server’s
hardware is made up of Atmega 328 microcontroller which is programmed in C++. It controls the intermediate communication
of the outcome of the activities of the AP such as the generated token and the energy meter. The communication component
between the Electricity Distribution Company is achieved by the uses of SIM900 which has a valid Subscriber Identity Module
(SIM) that enables this communication in the existing Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) network. The PC
contains the developed Application Platform using Visual Studio 2010, and has the Graphical User Interface (GUI), the Token
Generation Software and the Database which is developed in Microsoft Access 2013. The AP is comprised of the Token
Generation, the Registration and the Records sub-platforms. The Software for the token generation is the Data Encryption
Standard (DES) compiled in a LabView environment with extra level of complexity and security built on both the input and
output of the DES. Three main input of the Application Platform are the Meter Number, the Cost and the Mobile phone
Number. In generating token, the first two inputs are taken into the DES system at different levels of number system and the
other inputs are sourced from the AP based on the information captured for the meter. The Server is interfaced with the PC on
its USB port where it also sources its power. The results obtained show 100% of 20-digit token generation through the
Application Platform and seamless recharge of vended token into the meter from the Platform.

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