Dr Agbugui Marian Onwude and Deekae, S.N.   (Published 2019)

Dr Marian Onwude
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The physico-chemical characters of the New Calabar-Bonny River were investigated for two years to
determine its water quality for aquaculture production and human domestic uses. Three stations were chosen to
check for the variations in the selected waters parameters. pH, Temperature, salinity, Dissolved oxygen, Alkalinity,
Conductivity and Turbidity were analysed monthly from June 2011 to May 2013 using standard method s and
procedures. The ranges obtained were found to be comparable to other Nigerian and African Reservoirs. Mean
values obtained were: temperature 28.62±0.62oC, 28.37±0.7oC, 28.41±0.57oC, pH 6.36±0.34, 6.19±38, 2.27±0.74,
salinity 11.50±7.71 o/oo, 12.15±5.24 o/oo, 0.58±0.94 o/oo, and dissolved oxygen 6.88±0.51mg/l, 6.92±0.58mg/l,
6.88±0.63mg/l for stations 1, station 2 and station 3 respectively. There was significant difference in salinity level
between the three stations, revealing that station 1 is a salt water area, station 2 is brackish/tidal and station 3 is
predominantly fresh water. Alkalinity had a mean of 12.61 ± 1.19mg/l. Station 2 recorded the highest alkalinity level
(13.60 ± 8.86mg/l) while station 3 recorded the lowest (10.93 ± 10.37 mg/l). Station 1 had the highest mean TDS
concentration (10128.2 ± 9069.11 ppm) while station 3 had the lowest mean TDS concentration (2732.90 ± 2644.01
ppm). Mean conductivity was 3752.74 ± 257.58?s/cm. An annual mean of Turbidity 9.81 ± 3.74 NTU was recorded.
Station 3 recorded the lowest mean turbidity of 5.12 ± 3.55 NTU while station 1 recorded the highest mean turbidity
of 14.29 ± 8.76 NTU. Turbidity was low in the dry season and high in the rainy season. This study concludes that
the physico-chemical parameters of water of the New Calabar-Bonny River meet the recommended and obtainable
state of the aquaculture production and for human consumption.

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Keywords: physico-chemical parameters, New Calabar-Bonny River, Salinity, Aquaculture production, water quality.
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