Prof Usunobun Usunomena and Okolie N. P. and Eze I. G.   (Published 2015)

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This  study  was  carried  out to  investigate  the  effects  of  ethanolic  leaf  extract Annona  muricata (soursop)  on N,N-dimethylnitrosamine  (DMN)-induced  liver  fibrosis  in rats.  Four groups  of  Wistar albino rats  (12 rats/group)  were used for the study. One group received intra-peritoneal injection of 10mg of DMN/kg body wt. thrice a week (on the first three  days)  for  14  days,  in  addition  to  the  extract  at  a  dose  of  200mg/kg  body  wt.  given  by  gavage.  A  second  group received  the  same  dose  of  DMN  but  without  extract, while rats in  the  third  group  were administered  the  same  dose  of extract  without  DMN.  Members  of  the  fourth  group  were  given  physiological  saline  (vehicle),  and  served  as  controls. After 14 days, the rats were sacrificed by cardiac puncture. Blood samples were collected from the ocular vein, and the sera  were  analysed  for  aspartate  transaminase,  AST;  alanine  transaminase,  ALT  and alkaline  phosphatase,  ALP;  while collagen, malondialdehyde, MDA; reduced glutathione, GSH, superoxide dismutase, SOD and catalase, CAT levels were assayed in liver tissue. All assays were done using standard methods.  Liver sections were also fixed in formol-saline and subjected to histological analysis.  DMN administration resulted in significant increases in serum AST, ALT and ALP; and in liver MDA and total collagen content (P 0.05). On the other hand, liver SOD and CAT activities were significantly reduced  by  the  DMN  treatment.  Histological  examination  of  liver  sections  from  the  DMN  rats  showed  severe degenerative  changes  such  as  congestion,  haemorrhagic  necrosis  and  deposition  of  thick  collagen  fibers.  These biochemical  and  histological  changes  were  reversed  significantly  by  the Annona  muricata leaf  extract.These  results suggest  that Annona  muricata leaves  may  reverse  hepatic  fibrosis  probably  through  maintenance/restoration  of  liver antioxidant status.

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Keywords: Annona muricata, Liver Fibrosis, Collagen, N,N-Dimethylnitrosamine, DMN
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