Mr Odiwo Williams Omokhudu   (Published 2013)

Mr Williams Omokhudu
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Business is any activity that an individual engages into that leads to the satisfaction of human wants. Poverty is a situation when a person is not able to meet up his basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and subsistence employment; he can be said to be a poor person. The dimension of poverty ranges from infinity complex and personality adjustment problems. Sometimes some beg like children, some may not even eat what she or he wants to eat. So, because of adverse deprivation coming from poverty a human being may not really attain adulthood maturity and continues to behave like a child. In social and funeral ceremonies, infant behaviours are sometimes observed. Most of the quarrels and struggles that go on in some of these ceremonies are as a result of deprivation due to poverty. When one travels around nook and corners of Nigeria one would observe preventing housing, market locations, dressing mood, schools, and equipments, businesses, and  so on. One can be convinced that poverty is manifested among Nigerian citizens. The main objective of this study is to give a historical perspective on how poverty affects business in Nigeria. It also focuses on the definition of poverty and factors that affect poverty and business. It suggests solution to the problems of poverty in Nigeria and hope that leaders will be cautious provide.

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Keywords: Business and Pverty in Nigeria, a Historical Approach in Knowledge Review
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