Prof Aluyor Emmanuel O. and Ozigagu, C. E., Oboh, O. I   (Published 2009)

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Vegetable oils has become more attractive recently because of its economical benefits as they are used as components in many manufactured products and the fact that it is made from renewable resources. The determination of the minor components is of great importance in establishing the oil quality and their genuineness. The qualitative and quantitative determination of the constituents is done by gas chromatography of compounds or their derivatives. High precision in the gas chromatographic analysis of fatty acid methyl esters is possible with careful attention to detail during sample preparation, injection, chromatographic and data collection. This paper shows the applications of solid-phase extraction for the isolation of certain lipid classes prior to chromatographic analysis and also the most commonly used chromatographic techniques that can be applied for accuracy.

Key words: Chromatography, component, fatty acid methyl esters, sterol.

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Keywords: Chromatography, component, fatty acid methyl esters, sterol.
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