Prof Evbogbai Edekin Jacob Mariekpen   (Published 2017)

Prof Edekin Jacob Mariekpen
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The possibility and economic implication of the commercialization of zinc oxide varistors developed using locally available materials in Nigeria is presented in this work. The study revealed that Nigeria has 4.63 metric tons reserve of Zinc which is the major constituents of zinc oxide varistors. The successful commercialization of these functional, protective semiconductor devices would create employment opportunity, income and wealth. The financial analysis revealed that the investment is a profitable venture with a profit ratio of 61.71% and a high rate of return of 61.61%. The investment will pay back in less than two years. The findings would stimulate and encourage entrepreneurs, government and corporate bodies that investment in this sector of the economy is rewarding.

KEYWORDS:Zinc oxide Varistors, Production, Commercialization, Financial Analysis

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Keywords: Zinc oxide Varistors, Production, Commercialization, Financial Analysis
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