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The study examined contemporary challenges to state sovereignty and the idea of a waning sovereignty.  The study analyzed the debate on the downsizing of the principle of sovereignty as a result of the challenges posed by globalization.  Many have argued that there are political, economic, and social forces that are working to breakdown the importance and authority of states and, are creating pressures to move the world towards a much higher degree of integration.  Proponents of this vies argue that international institutins and non-governmental actors are challenging the dominance of state and teir sovereignty.  Hence sovereignty as a governing principle will soon go the way of earlier now discarded form of governance such as empires. Goven this view, this paper disagrees and question whether globlalization will see the decline of state sovereignty given the fact that its effects are unevenly disstibuted among states within the international system.  Using secondary sources of data.  The study came up with the findings that globalization is not a homogenizing force since its effects is experienced differently by all states.  Therefore, the idea of a waning sovereignty is flawed given the position and contributions of countries like US, Britain, Russia, China etc. in the world politics and likelihood of eroding their sovereignty.  However, the work concludes that the idea of a waning sovereignty can only be perhaps addressed to the less privilege players in the unequal game of globalization.  The work thus recommend amongst others that the less privilege players like African states should adopt a protectionist policies to respond to powerful coalition in the international system.

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