Prof Evbogbai Edekin Jacob Mariekpen and Ekeb J. C.; Akhadelor S.A. and Ejodamen J. 0.E.   (Published 2004)

Prof Edekin Jacob Mariekpen
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he mains voltage is 240 volts at 50Hz in United Kingdom, Russia and Nigeria, where as the mains voltage is 110volts al 60Hz in United Stale of America and the rest of Europe. This paper present design, construction and testing of a static converter, which converts the 240 volts 50Hz mains supply to 110volts, 60Hz. The converter is necessary as it enable electronic equipment design for the American and European market to  operate satisfactorily in Nigeria. The fabricated converter worked satisfactorily and there was no undue heating up, but analysis of the waveforms  on the oscilloscope shows  that  there is little distortion, which could be attributed to the imperfection of the locally source components and non-availability of the exact design values. The cost analysis revealed that the locally fabricated converter costs N2, 000.00. The cost is expected to drastically reduce when the equipment is mass produced.

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Keywords: Transformer, Multivibrator, Rectifier, Voltage, Frequency, Appliances
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