Engr Chukwuemeka Obasi Chijioke and Odeyinde O. B., Agidani J. J., Ibiam V. O., and Ubadike, C. O.   (Published 2015)

Engr Obasi Chijioke
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Obasi C. C, Odeyinde O. B., Agidani J. J., Ibiam V. O., and Ubadike, C. O. (2015). Design and Implementation of Microcontroller Based Programmable Power Changeover. International Journal of Computer and Intelligent Systems Vol. 6 No. 12: 51 – 56.


Power failure is a key issue in many developing countries of the world.  To sustain development, the need for alternative power supply becomes necessary.  Changing between the main supply line and the alternative supply poses yet another problem.  Many attempts have been made to develop automatic power changeover but without due consideration of the fact that there could be times when we need to regulate the behavior of the automatic change over.  This paper therefore presents the design and construction of microcontroller based programmable automatic power change over.  The paper discusses the design, construction and operation of a program controlled power change over system that allows users to select the mode they would prefer to have their change over operate.  Three modes were achieved, including auto mode, timed mode and manual mode, which were selected from push buttons.  LCD interface was used for the output display.  8051 microcontroller was used to implement the control program while modular methodology was adopted.

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