Dr Kifordu Anthony A. and Ugbomhe .O. Ugbomhe Phd, Odiwo .W. Omokhudu   (Published 2016)

Dr Anthony A.
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Most successful economies are driven by high level of private sector participation in the economy alongside with good government policies and programs driving such framework.  With this era of public sector dominance and shrinking economic activities in our country, a lot of attention needs to be focused on entrepreneurial skills acquisition that creates employment and growth which is lacking.  Therefore, the aim of this paper is to discuss the need and importance of entrepreneurial skill in the development of a global economy.  The strategies and benefits of a sound vocational awareness were x-rayed.  Subsequently, conclusion was drawn and recommendations were made among others that government should continue to encourage entrepreneurship culture as it relates to vocational and technical education in Nigeria.  Also, as a developing nation government programmes and policies should be aimed at repositioning entrepreneurship to take her place in the global economy.

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Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Education and Global Economy
Department: Accounting and Economics
Field of Study: Business Administration
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