Dr Okafor Arthur Chinedu and David Ebuka Elijah, Nwobodo Amarachukwu Grace   (Published 2018)

Dr Arthur Chinedu
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Abstract Five different samples of soybean products (Raw Soybeans Seed (RSS), Local Soybean Powdered Milk (LSPM), Local Soybean Liquid Milk (LSLM), Vita-milk and Chi-soymilk) were used for the analysis of sulphur containing amino acids (methionine and cysteine) contents. Qualitative analysis using thin layer chromatography technique was carried out on the soybean products to detect the presence of sulphur containing amino acids while spectrophotometric method involving methionine and cysteine standards were used to quantitatively estimate the two amino acids in the soybean products. The RF values (Retardation Factor) of 0.70 and 0.90 for methionine and cysteine standards respectively were used as control values. The presence of methionine in these five soybean products was detected with RF values of 0.69, 0.70, 0.70, 0.70 and 0.71 for RSS, LSPM, LSLM, Vita-milk and Chi-soymilk, respectively. The presence of cysteine in these five samples of soybean products was detected with RF values 0.91, 0.92, 0.90, 0.90 and 0.92 for the five samples. The result of qualitative analysis confirms the presence of methionine and cysteine in all the samples. From the result of the spectrophometric analysis of the products, methionine concentration in (g/100ml) present in Vita-milk (0.90±0.70) and Chi-soymilk (0.64±0.02) is significantly higher (p<0.05) than in the control RSS (0.47±0.02).

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Keywords: Soybean Products, Amino Acids, Sulphur Amino Acids
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