Prof Otoikhian Kevin Shegun and Adewale George ADENIYI, 1Damilola Victoria ONIFADE, 1Joshua O IGHALO, 2Mustapha. A RAJI, 1Samuel Oluwasegun OLONADE   (Published 2019)

Prof Kevin Shegun
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This work is aimed at selective solvent extraction of palmitic acid from Plantain Stalk Residues (PSR). Plantain stalk
obtained from the waste stream of a local market was used in this study. The stalk was grated and the extract obtained during the
grating process was oven dried at a temperature of 70oC. The residue referred to as NT was characterized using Gas
chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) to ascertain the presence of fatty acids with much preference given to palmitic acid.
This residue was dissolved in four solvents (water, ethanol, hexane and acetone) and also oven dried at 70oC. The dried residues
were analyzed for their functional groups and inorganic content using studied using Fourier Transform Infrared FTIR, and X-Ray
Fluorescence (XRF). These characterization was conducted to determine the suitable solvent for a greater yield of palmitic acid.
GCMS result shows that the percentage of palmitic acid expressed as percentage fraction of total fatty acids present in the
plantain stalk was 14.4%. FTIR analysis results gave acetone as the most suitable solvent in obtaining a better yield of palmitic
acid from PSR. Palmitic acid extracted from plantain stalk residue is suitable for applications in pharmaceuticals, food additives
and soap making due to the high composition of Calcium, Silicon and Potassium respectively

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Keywords: palmitic acid, plantain, extraction, acetone, hexane, ethanol, water
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