Dr Ogbeide-osaretin Evelyn Nwamaka and Ikechukwu A. Mobosi   (Published 2015)

Dr Evelyn Nwamaka
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Poverty is posing serious threat to many developing countries, Nigeria inclusive. Issues pertaining to poverty and government expenditure have received wider attention among scholars in various economies of the globe. However, there seems to be a gap in literature as to which aspect of government expenditure result in more developmental impact as well as the existence of a long-run relationship between government expenditure and poverty resulting in sustainable development. Therefore, this study seeks to analyse government expenditure in the some major sectors, to determine if government expenditure has been pro-poverty and to establish a basis for long-run sustainable development in Nigeria. Adopting Error-correction mechanism, this study finds out that there is a positive and insignificant relationship between poverty and expenditure in agricultural and educational sector and a negative relationship between poverty and health expenditure and transfer payment with only transfer payment having significant impact on poverty in Nigeria. We thus recommend that human capital development should be given priority in poverty alleviation in Nigeria. Also the high and rising prices should be controlled to make living affordable

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Keywords: Poverty, government, expenditure, sector
Department: Physical Science
Field of Study: Economics
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