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Heat transfer coefficient is a quantitative characteristic of convective heat transfer between a fluid
medium and the surface flowed over by the fluid. While heat transfer area or surface area is the
area of the fluid through which the heat flows. 250ml of methylated spirit and 150ml of distilled
water were mixed in the flask of the rotary evaporator and the equipment was assembled and
switched on, while the temperature was set at 100
oC and the flask was allowed to spin at
120rpm. The distillate was collected at 10ml interval; this continued until the volume of the
distillate was 100ml. the heat transfer area A, was calculated as 0.00021m
2 and the heat transfer
coefficient as 52500KJ/m
2.hr.oC from the graph plotted from the parameters obtained. The results
show that the rate of heat transfer through methylated spirit occurs rapidly.

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