Prof Vincent Aizebeoje Balogun and Oladapo, B. I., Adeoye, A. O., Kayode, J. F., Afolabi, S. O.   (Published 2017)

Prof Aizebeoje Balogun
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Electromagnetic devices have become increasingly important within the manufacturing industries and their applications ranges from memory devices, semiconductors to medical and bio-mechatronics (i.e. in the testing of medicines and observation of human internal organs). However, due to high cost and availability, the equipment capable of measuring the magnetic field of humane treatment and observations are difficult to acquire. This work is carried out to develop resources that can be widely adopted for the purpose of presenting science based medical results involved in bio-mechatronics analysis and present science based instrumentation strategy. Effect sensors were incorporated with an Arduino UNO microcontroller to serve as the interface between the sensors and the material. The basic parameters of an electric, magnetic and electromagnetic field were established for Histeres-imetro development. This would reduce the problem of measuring magnetic fields and sort different materials according to their behavior when subjected to electromagnetic fields. The proposed strategy could also be adopted to measure the degree of hysteresis of materials at a lower cost.

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Keywords: Magnetometer, Arduino UNO, Magnetic field, Electromagnetic fields, hysteresis sensor
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Field of Study: Engineering- Mechanical
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Journal URL: https://www.edouniversity.edu.ng/oer/journal/hysteresis_analysis_of_thornton_ip6_ip12eand_th5v_magnetic_materials_through_the_useof_arduino_microcontroller

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