Prof Nwankwo Wilson and Akinola Olayinka   (Published 2019)

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Analysis of images acquired from X-ray cargo scanning sites at the ports of discharge of consignments is central to modern risk management operations on imports. Often times the images (in their raw format) must be relayed to remote locations for analysis and risk profiling and this may constitute a heinous task owing to the unique format and signature of such multimedia documents as well as type of storage media attached directly to the high capacity X-ray cargo scanners. This paper is aimed at showcasing the design and implementation of a cost-effective solution for managing the secure transmission and processing of acquired cargo images across different locations. In this paper, the details of implementation of the prototype using open source tools are presented. The socio-technical approach is adopted while the implementation strategy follows a hybrid approach involving both structured and object-oriented methods. The application is programmed using PHP, Ajax and MySQL. The application enables a risk management and cargo scanning organization to relay large volumes of scanned cargo images in highly compressed secure formats in such a way that consistency and integrity are ensured as the files are relayed to remote sites for further image analysis, as well as their storage in relational databases such as MySQL. Access, processing, and share over the network with other stakeholders involved in the international trade facilitation cycle is ensured through encryption and digital signing.

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