Prof Usunobun Usunomena and Ewere G. Efosa   (Published 2016)

Prof Usunomena
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Murraya koenigii known as curry leaf is used for flavouring foodstuffs and is a treasure in traditional system of
medicine.  The  study  thus  provides  in  vitro information  of  Murraya  koenigii    leaves. The  leaves  of  Murraya
koenigii  were  examined  for  their  phytochemicals,  mineral  constituents  and  for  their  in  vitro  antioxidant
activities using 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picryl hydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging and reducing power assays. Higher
antioxidant  potential  of  Murraya  koenigii  and  the  standard,  Vitamin  C  was  observed  in  both  DPPH  radical
scavenging  assay  and  reducing  activity  assays  at  higher  concentrations.  Phytochemicals  present  includes
flavonoids,  tannins,  steroids,  saponins,  alkaloids.  The  leaves  had  higher  concentration  in  calcium
(320.60mg/kg)  and  least  concentration  in  chromium  (0.58mg/100g). These  findings  suggest  that Murraya
koenigii leaves possess potent antioxidant property, which may be responsible for some of its reported effective
traditional use and pharmacological actions.

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