Prof Usunobun Usunomena and Okolie N. Paulinus 2 , Eze I. Gerald   (Published 2015)

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In this study, the protective effect of   Vernonia amygdalina ethanolic leaf extract against hepatic fibrosis induced by repeated
intermittent administration of  Dimethylnitrosamine (DMN) was investigated in rats. A total of  48 rats divided into 4 groups
were used. Group 1 served as control, Group 2 received 200mg/kg Vernonia amygdalina only for 14days, Group 3 received
200mg/kg Vernonia amygdalina for 14 days followed by intraperitoneal administration of 10mg/kg DMN on first three days
of each week for 2 weeks, while Group 4 received intraperitoneal administration of 10mg/kg DMN on the first three days
of  each week for 2 weeks. Oral administration of   Vernonia amygdalina led to recovery of  body/liver weight losses and sig-nificantly reversed elevation of total collagen, AST, ALT and ALP in DMN-exposed rats. Severe oxidative stress induced in
fibrotic rats was evidenced by elevation in MDA levels associated with a fall in the activities of GSH, SOD and CAT in the
DMN-treated group. These were significantly reversed by simultaneous treatment with Vernonia amygdalina. Recovery of  rat
liver tissue from DMN-induced hepatocellular necrosis and hepatic fibrosis by  Vernonia amygdalina treatment was confirmed
by histopathological evaluation of  liver tissue. In conclusion, Vernonia amygdalina exhibits hepatoprotective, antioxidant, free
radical-scavenging, and anti-fibrotic activity against DMN-induced hepatic fibrosis.

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Keywords: Collagen; Dimethylnitrosmine; Fibrosis; Liver; Rat; Vernonia Amygdalina.
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