Dr Efanodor-obeten Harriet O. and CLARK ESEKUMEMU VICTOR   (Published 2015)

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Arguments supporting privatization of land as articulated by its advocate’s suggest that it is a developmental paradigm necessary for rural development.  Privatization of land as a developmental strategy has intensified the integration of countries into the global system encouraging capital and investment flow into agricultural sector.  Hence, the current wave of privatization of land in rural communities of Kwara State has introduced new dimension on land as a commodity resulting to massive land grab.  Given the constraint which militate against women in access to land and productive resources which are bound by traditions and cultural norms in rural communities, the paper argued that developmental strategies within the framework of privatization of land and natural resources failed to capture the realities of women in rural communities.  The study, therefore examines the impact of privatization of land as a developmental strategy on the socio-economic activities of rural women in Kwara State.  Using the descriptive research design, secondary data were derived from a variety of secondary sources while primary data were derived from in-depth interview and Focus Group Discussion from six purposively selected rural communities in Kwara State where there is significant privatization of land.  Evidence from Kwara State reveals that privatization of land was based on the patriarchal system and existing power relations in the rural communities.  Hence the promised benefit of privatization of land did not improve the socio-economic situation of women in rural communities rather it further eroded their traditional source of livelihood while gradually eroding their land use tenure right.  The study concludes that improved access to land and productive resources for women is required for rural development and is a key to poverty reduction.  Consequently, a people centered development strategies should be consistent with the lived legalities of women in the rural communities.

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