Prof Evbogbai Edekin Jacob Mariekpen and Musa P.   (Published 2010)

Prof Edekin Jacob Mariekpen
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The maximum power points of a 100watts, 17.5 volts, MBF:100 type solar panel mounted in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria for different hours of the day, under various resistive load conditions had been presented. The photovoltaic module exhibits a non-linear irradiance dependent voltage – current characteristics and the maximum power point varies with solar insolation. The maximum power point of 49.53watts occurs at 1.00pm when the sun is overhead. The result shows that the power generated varies with time and cloud transient. Significant power is available for certain time of the day under different load conditions, hence a maximum power point tracker can be used to track this points to dynamically adjust the load so that maximum power is always transferred regardless of the variation in solar irradiance.

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Keywords: Solar panel, Maximum Power point, Loads, Power Transfer, Time
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