Dr Adetunji Charles Oluwaseun and OMOJASOLA P.F., SANU F.T., NWACHUJOR I.U., Umanah J.T.   (Published 2011)

Dr Charles Oluwaseun
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The microbiological and physico-chmical properties of yam chips (elubo) sold in four markets (IP, GM, OT and AG) in Ilorin and its environs alongside a laboratory-prepared control (CTRL) was monitored for six months. Bacterial and coliform counts were carried out on the samples at 2 weeks interval and sample AG had the highest bacterial and coliform counts which were 219.0 x 10 Cfu/g and 31.0 x 10 Cfu/g respectively while the control sample had the lowest bacterial count and zero coliform count over the storage period. A total of 5 bacteria and 11 fungi were isolated from the samples. The bacterial isolates were Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Erwinia carotovora, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, while the fungal isolates were Acremonium sp, Aspergillus sp, A. niger, A. ochraceuss, Fusarium solani, Mucor hiemalis, Mucor racemosus, Penicillium sp, RHizopus oryzae, Rhizopus stolonifer and Syncephalastrum reacemosus...

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Keywords: Yam chips, Proximate composition, storage, afflation, microbial count
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