Dr Otoikhian Kevin Shegun and Agbodekhe Barnabas2, Anakhu Arioje Esther1, Diamond Blessing3, Aluyor Emmanuel Osikhuemeh2   (Published 2017)

Dr Kevin Shegun
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The behaviours and performances of an ideal grafting of 4-chloromethylstyrene onto polyethylene substrates were
predicted/discussed using designed models. (MATLAB) (matrix laboratory) amulti-paradigm numerical computing
environment and fourth-generation programming language. was used as the model simulator due to its very broad
and all-encompassing functions and capabilities. The models designed were compared and contrasted wi th one
another and also with the experimental data for validation. Inferences were drawn on the basis of the findings and
within the confines of the simplifying assumptions made. Conventional adsorption models developed and tested
include Lagergren pseudo first-order model, Langmuir–Hinshelwood models, intra-particle diffusion model and
pseudo second-order diffusion model. The validity of these models was tested on the basis of the R2 of linearised plots
of the models. R2>0.9 was the criterion for validity. The Lagergren pseudo first-order model had the highest R2 values
of 0.9034, 0.9400, 0.9798 and 0.9884 for the polyethylene samples at a reaction temperature of 60?C. The Langmuir–
Hinshelwood model was also satisfactory as it gave R2 values of 0.9282 at a temperature of 60?C. The valid models
were applied for process conditions other than those experimented upon and were found to give valid and reasonable

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Keywords: 4-Chloromethylsyrene, Polyethylene, Langmuir–Hinshelwood, Intraparticle, Model, Lagergren pseudo, Grafting
Department: Chemical Engineering
Field of Study: Engineering- Chemical
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