Dr Imoisi Simon Ejokema and Chi Johnny OKONGWU   (Published 2021)

Dr Simon Ejokema
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No doubt, the role of planning in the development of a nation like Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.  Nigeria had made several attempts at enacting Urban and Regional Planning laws hereinafter referred to as ‘Planning Laws’.  But the long awaited planning law i.e. the Nigerian Urban and Regional Planning Decree No.88 of 1992 now called the Nigerian Urban and Regional Planning Act CAP N138, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 was finally enacted into law, in 1999.  This Act was preceded by over forty-six years of outdated Town and Country Planning Law of 1946. This new law was expected to reinvigorate the dull and otherwise static nature of Urban and Regional planning activities that pervaded the post-independent physical development in Nigeria. This law notwithstanding, the activities of the Planning Authorities in Nigeria are still considerably low.  There is therefore the need to re-visit the provisions of the Urban and Regional Planning Laws in Nigeria with a view to ensuring sustainable development and to spur planning authorities to be alive to their responsibilities. Furthermore, urban planning law as an aspect of Land Law is relatively new.  There is also the need to develop it further, to afford more explanations to Planners, students, lecturers, government officials and the general public. The aim of this paper therefore is to examine the role of Planning Law as a tool for sustainable Urban and Regional development in Nigeria. 

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