Prof Otoikhian Kevin Shegun and Adewale George ADENIYI1, Joshua O. IGHALO1, Ishaq Alhassan MOHAMMED1   (Published 2019)

Prof Kevin Shegun
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Agriculture is an important sector in most African countries. Large amounts of quantities of residues are
produced during the processing and consumption of agricultural products. The feedstock that was studied are banana
(Musa spp.) peels, orange (Citrus sinensis) peels, sweet lime (Citrus limetta) peels, lemon (Citrus limon) peels and
jackfruit (Artocarpus heterphyllus) peel. ASPEN plus V8.8 was used to develop a steady-state model for the pyrolysis
of the different fruit peel wastes. The pyrolysis simulation was done at 500oC and atmospheric pressure. From the
results obtained, though product yields were similar for all fruit peel feedstock; orange and lemon peels were found to
be the best for oil production while jackfruit peel gave the least oil. Consequently, jackfruit peel gave the highest yield
of char while orange and lemon peels gave the lowest yield. Banana and sweet lime peels gave intermediate results for
both oil and char yield

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Keywords: Simulation, fruit peels, agricultural residues, ASPEN Plus, Thermodynamics
Department: Chemical Engineering
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