Engr Chukwuemeka Obasi Chijioke and Okezie C. C, Ken Akpado, Chukwu N. P., Asogwa C. S, Akuma C. K. and Oluseun O. D   (Published 2016)

Engr Obasi Chijioke
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Obasi C. C., Okezie C. C, Ken Akpado, Chukwu N. P., Asogwa C. S,  Akuma C. K. and  Oluseun O. D (2016).  Real – Time Hand Gesture Tracking for Network Centric Application. International Journal of Computer and Intelligent Systems Vol. 7 No. 8: 32 – 38.


This paper focuses on the Real – Time Gesture Tracking for Network Centric Application.  In it, human hand gesture was acquired using Kinect depth camera.  The user posed in front of the camera about 2 meters away from the camera mounted about 80 cm above ground level.  The acquired image is processed to extract the right hand joints vertical and horizontal coordinates, which is transmitted over a network medium.  The received information is then classified and assigned to a sub routine that is meant to perform a defined task.

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Keywords: Real – Time; Gesture; Network; Tracking; Human machine Interaction (HMI)
Department: Computer Engineering
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