Dr Muhibi Musa Abidemi and Terry AlliO.A1, Olusoga OgboluD1, Oluremi, A.S. 1, Okanlawon, B.M. 1, Uche, L.N2. and Muibi, F.A.   (Published 2018)

Dr Musa Abidemi
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Background: HTLV type I/II is a blood borne infection that can be transmitted via blood
Objective: To determine the seroprevalence of human T – lymphotropic virus among blood donors
in Osogbo, Nigeria.
Methods: Diagnosis of Human T. Lymphotropic virus antigen was carried out on 372 serum
samples among blood donors who visited the blood bank/transfusion unit of Ladoke Akintola
University of Technology Teaching Hospital and Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Hospital, Osogbo
between January and July 2008 using Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay techniques (ELISA) as
described by the manufacturer. Western blotting was used to confirm the serum reactive samples
from ELISA.
Results: Out of 372 samples analyzed, 14 (3.6%) samples were found to be positive for HTLV-I/II
(7 HTLV-I and 7 HTLV-II) while 358 (96.4%) samples were negative after confirmation with
Western blotting. The seroprevalence of HTLV-I/II among the blood donors in Osogbo, Nigeria
was found to be 3.6%. This has major implication for the blood transfusion service in Nigeria.
Conclusion: The study concluded that there is need for screening of blood donor for HTLV-I/II in
order to rule out this transfusion related infection.

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