Mr Odiwo Williams Omokhudu and EZEWELE, S. E   (Published 2009)

Mr Williams Omokhudu
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This paper takes a critical at the dimensions of social responsibility and the challengers of enforcing organizational goals in Nigeria. Business leaders are expected to develop strategy policy as regards it role in the environment where it is operating. Such policy formulation is in the area of social responsibility that would help to care for host community. Emphasis must be on the needs of the society, implement the programme develop and fully communicate its activities through social audit. It is risky when host communities are making demands, especially economic and material demands and the business sticks to deviate its attention to technical, economic and legal responsibilities which are compulsory, where are ethical and discretionary responsibilities which are not compulsory are not neglected. The paper intends to study the crisis between the oil communities and the oil companies; the nature of understand the nature of relationships that exist between them and oil companies; the nature of their demands and how responsive the oil companies are to their demands. The authors employed cases and incidences, as methods of analysis criticism for and against social responsibility and its relevant to the business environment. The conclusion is that   corporations/business leaders will be expected to assume cultivate social relationship between host communities and business organization such will pursue collective objective to both parties.

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Keywords: Social Responsibility and Challenges of Enforcing Organizational Goals in Journal of Globalization and Development in Africa
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