Prof Nwankwo Wilson   (Published 2019)

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This paper is an attempt to analyze Nigeria‘s principal cybercrime legislation from social, technical and legal perspectives in a bid to highlight some perceived gaps, which may hamper the expected goals of the law. An exploratory narrative-textual case study approach is adopted in this paper and emphasis is made on some grey areas identified in the law. The points discussed include the concept of critical national infrastructure vis-à-vis critical infrastructure, and the responsibilities of some vital agencies and ministries. A careful review of the legislation in comparison with international best practices showed some inadequacies owing to supposedly undefined scope of application. Consequent upon the foregoing, this paper concludes that while the principal legislation on cybercrime is praiseworthy, there is need to amend the extant law to provide for a more robust legislation that is both reactionary and effectively proactive in promoting other spheres of cybersecurity.

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Keywords: Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, Cyber law, Law enforcement, Crime, Forensics
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