Prof Vincent Aizebeoje Balogun and Edem, I. F., Mativenga, P. T.   (Published 2015)

Prof Aizebeoje Balogun
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The global trend for energy consumption as a foundational requirement for economic and social development is an increasing one. Electricity consumption is proportional to the CO2 emitted at the process level and especially for machining processes. The electrical energy demand during machining can be categorized and modelled as basic energy (energy demand by the machine tool while operating

at zero load) and tip energy (energy for actual material removal–cutting). The tool tip energy is evaluated from the specific cutting energy. At present limited data exists with regards to the key parameters required for modelling the tip energy. Previous studies and data for specific energy were based on the normalisation of the total energy demand with the material removal rate and have not investigated the effect of tool wear. In this work, the impact of tool wear on the specific energy coefficients in machining were studied and modelled. Cutting tests were performed and tool wear and tool life based on the specific energy coefficient for each wear land value were evaluated. The study has for the first time provided data on the variation of specific cutting energy for higher tool wear lands and presents vital sensitivity analysis. With longer cutting time, tool wear increases which leads to higher specific cutting energy and energy consumption during machining. The specific energy coefficient increased by up to 50% when turning EN8 steel alloy between 2 and 10 passes. This knowledge is vital information for process planners and could enable energy estimates to be more accurate and realistic with regards to capturing the impact of tool wear.



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Keywords: Mechanical machining, specific energy, sustainable machining, tip energy, tool life, tool wear, process level.
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